Once in life time ..Dhudhsagar water falls…

dudhsagar-fallsHere is my wonderful experience about dhudhsagar water falls which is located in the karnataka border goa region. There are only trains available where you can see wonderful sceneries and tunnels around 3 km each. i had been there for 2 times but first time experience was superb. With puny torch to fight against the ever-conquering darkness surrounding us, we went through the pitch black railway tunnel no.7. With alert ears to hear any trains approaching the tunnel so that we don’t become a mongrel killed and splattered by the behemoth train, having endured one such hair raising experience a couple of hrs back in a tunnel similar to this. The ears are the only functional navigational system in these tunnels , but the strong howling winds blowing through the tunnels is not making matters better.  We left dharwad at morning 8 and reached londa . but there we could not find any trains to castle rock. Then we went there by arranging one taxi with banglorians who were also waiting for trains like us. Finally reached castle rock at 12. From castle rock dhudhsagar is nearly 21 km . If we go by walk it would take nearly 4 hours atleast but return train was there at 5.00 clock evening . If we miss that one it will be a horrible situation for us . So we thought of going there by goods train .But our bad luck or dont know train left at 2 afternoon. We were actually in dilemma now whether to go or just return. Finally decided to go and it was our good decision also . We were standing at the end in open coach as it was goods train.  We went through big 10 tunnels before reaching falls. We had just crossed the Dudhsagar Railway station and supposedly are very close to the elusive Dudhsagar falls. The eerie sound of the howling wind is broken every now and then by water seeping through the tunnel roof and  falling on our already rain drenched body.One more wonderful experience it was raining that day.  We still push on with our body because we know the end is near. The tunnel ends and within a couple of moments later we hear a mighty roar. Is that a train ????!!!! Not sure about it we approach it cautiously. And BEHOLD !!!!!!, we get the first view of the majestic Dudhsagar Falls flowing in its full glory. Being the 5th tallest falls in India, falling from the height of 310 mts (taller than Jog falls), this was not one of those to be taken lightly. As we approach near the falls ,the might of the falls is displayed in the separate ecosystem it has created in its immediate surroundings which included constant mist and rain. We stand in the middle of railway bridge built during the British era and get splattered by the rain drops within no time. Awestruck we cant keep our eyes off the fantabulous DUDHSAGAR” . This is how the highlight of the monsoon trip to dhudhsagar can be described in one breath. we had great time there for 2 hours which was amazing. 

spent some time in here and it was time to return back. Since Dudhsagar is not an official passenger stop for trains, there are no tickets issued. After waiting impatiently for 30 min the train finally arrived. The train approached with great speed and we assumed that this is not gonna stop in here, but finally thanks to our luck the train did stopped. Else there is no other means of getting to this place other than on foot. And nearly 500 to 600 trekkers jumped on the train and non of them had any tickets :P. Traveled ticket-less till Londa junction which was an adventure in itself since this being the first time :). i will never forget this experience in my whole life.

Recently government stopped people going there as people are unnecessarly creating pollution there. I wish government soon start allowing people and take necessary actions by putting some high police security and all,  it will be a  big tourist place in india if government show some interest.

And i wish all of you visit this place once in your life..its just amazing experience..


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