Jog falls , karnataka.



Top 10 tips for tourists to Jog Falls Karnataka

1. While October to March is ideal months to visit Jog Falls Karnataka, the best months to visit Jog Falls Karnataka is in August and September. This could be the late monsoon season, but it is at this time that Jog Falls Karnataka has the maximum water. Of course, the mist will be less November onwards. Visiting in April and May is fine if you are ready to bear the heat! In the month of February, although the weather is pleasant, Jog Falls Karnataka is not as majestic a sight as in the latter part of the year.

2. The best time to visit Jog Falls is after 12 noon, as this is the time when you can get the best photographic moments due to the sun’s beams hitting the water and possibly creating rainbows.

3. It is not advisable to visit Jog Falls after sunset as you can easily lose your footing in the dark.

4. If you are planning to climb down to the base of the Jog Falls, you should definitely consider the fact that it takes a much longer to climb back up – more than an hour even! Hence, you should start climbing up well before it gets dark.

5. You may feel enthusiastic to go down the 1400 steps to the base of Jog Falls, from where you can get directly under the waterfalls. However, climbing back up those steps is very exhausting. Hence, only those who are really fit should venture down. Those with medical ailments, especially of the heart, and expectant mothers should not take the risk of climbing down Jog Falls. Also, it is not advisable to take young children down. They will tire easily and you will need to carry them both ways. 

6. There are no petrol bunkers nearby Jog Falls, so if you are taking your own bike or car, make sure that you have a full tank! The nearest petrol bunker is in Shimoga.

7. There are no public toilets or any other kind of facilities at the site of Jog Falls. There are no medical facilities at the site of Jog Falls. The nearest hospitals are located at Shimoga. 

8. There are no good restaurants or food stalls at the site of Jog Falls. It is best to carry your own boxed food and bottled water on your trip to Jog Falls.

9. Please do not carry plastic bags to Jog Falls and do not litter the place with empty chips packets or other disposable items. Carry an extra paper bag for litter and dispose it off in the appropriate place back at your hotel. 

10. Avoid carrying excessive bags, cash and valuables. One handbag with food and water is enough for your trip to Jog Falls.

Near visiting places=


Shivappa Naik Palace near Jog Falls Karnataka

The Shivappa Naik Palace was built in the 16th Century by Shivappa Naik of Keladi. The palace is not very large on the grand scale of, say, the Mysore Palace, but is nonetheless an architectural beauty. Designed from fragrant rose wood, the palace is home to an interesting museum which displays unique carvings and antiques of the Keladi era which were discovered during archaeological digs. You will get a glimpse of beautiful ancient idols dating back to the Chalukya and Hoysala dynasties.

Saint Thomas Church near Jog Falls Karnataka

The Saint Thomas Church is a major landmark in the small city of Shimoga. Covering nearly 18000 square feet, the church. The prayer hall itself is so vast and spacious, that it is said 5000 people at one time can pray here together. Awesome! 

Kanoor Fort near Jog Falls Karnataka

The Kanoor Fort dates back to the Keladi Dynasty when it was constructed during the reign of Kari Maneesena Rani Abbaka devi (known as the Queen of Spices). The Kanoor Fort is about 50kms. from Jog Falls on the way to the town of Bhatkal. It is right in the midst of a dense forest area. 

Tyarekoppa Lion Safari near Jog Falls Karnataka

Nature lovers visiting Jog Falls Karnataka should definitely visit the Tyarekoppa Lion Safari, which is located about 10 Kms from Shimoga on the way to Sagar. The Karnataka Forest Department organises sight-seeing trips here, where you can get a glimpse of the King of the Jungle as well as tigers, bear, deer and exotic birds. Spread over 200 hectares, this is a good spot to take a break and enjoy a picnic on the way to Jog Falls or on your return trip from Jog Falls. 

Sakrebayalu Elephant Camp near Jog Falls Karnataka

Before visiting Jog Falls Karnataka, you should keep some time aside to visit the Sakrebayalu Elephant Camp which is located just 14kms from Shimoga on the way to Thirthahalli. Mahouts train the elephants at this camp. Visit this place before 9a.m. for a most memorable sight: herds of elephants having a playful splash in the river. 

Kaledi Rameshwar Temple near Jog Falls Karnataka

The Kaledi Rameshwar Temple is located in the town of Sagar. Note the exquisite architecture of this temple, which dates back to the Hoysala-Dravidian era. It is very cool within the temple premises.

Honnemaradu Karnataka

An ideal picnic spot and a hub of water sports is Honnemaradu, located about 25kms from Sagar town on the way to Jog Falls. Since the area of Honnemaradu is part of the back waters of Sharavathi river, adventure sports tourists visit here to have a great time on the water. You can register with a water sport operator in Karnataka, who will organize a day’s trip to Honnemaradu. Please note that non-vegetarian food, gutka and alcohol is strictly banned in Honnemaradu. 

Dams to Visit near Jog Falls Karnataka

1. Linganmakki Dam: You must visit the site of the Linganmakki Dam for some truly spectacular views of the Sharavathi River. This dam forms the reservoir for the Mahatma Gandhi Hydro Electric Power unit and is located just 5 to 6kms from Jog falls.

2. B.R.P Dam: The B.R.P Dam is not very near Jog Falls, but is actually located about 28kms from Shimoga, near the Kuvempu university. This dam was built across the Bhadra River. The reason why you should visit the B.R.P. Dam is to enjoy a boat ride around the islands formed by the Bhadra River. 

Its the best place to visit with family .Beauty of nature can be seen here. Visit when you are free..




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