Dharwad adventure base:

Welcome to Dharwad Adventure Base!

Spread across 27 acres of Sylvan mango orchards, a day Activity center filled with exciting outdoor activities and indoor games. Experience an adventure filled day with authentic sumptuous North Karnataka food & snacks.

The Child Within Us:

“The child never grows in you, no matter how old we grow by years” There is always that little, inquisitive active child in us, who wants to enjoy and explore but shies away, as we grow by years. Who says only children should play?! Young or old, small or big, everyone should play, laugh and rejoice to theirs heart content and that’s the inspiration for us to create ‘Dharwad Adventure Base’

Understanding this, we have created Dharwad Adventure Base to give a treat to that little child in you.

Ideas keep growing and so has the place; just exploring what could entice people of all age groups has always been the thought & driving force behind all the developments.


A Day Activity Centre


A family owned business, Mr Pramodh R. Angadi, the founder and owner who is actively supported by his family and a big believer in the fact that you need to enjoy every moment to the fullest, is the driving force behind the adventure base and the activities. More often than not you will find him trying out new activities, which are all tried and tested by him and other members of the Family.


Leave all your worries behind, get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and get ready for a day filled with loads of activities in one of the best locations. The base offers an array of adventure games and activities.

An apt place to come with your family, friends and co-workers, as there is a lot to experience along with great hospitality.

The day starts with a welcome drink and feel the child within you get ready to let loose and have some fun !

With timely snacks, much needed drinks to keep you hydrated, traditional food cooked by our staff and served in traditional earthen pots, the day just keeps getting better

The activities start from 11.00 AM in the morning and ends at around 6.00 PM in the evening, giving you plenty of time to enjoy and rejuvenate yourself in the experience.

The natural setting of the place beckons all for the most refreshing day outing in the middle of Mango groves. The calm and the nature`s charming beauty makes it an ideal place to host your outing.

With ample parking space, You are welcome to celebrate birthday parties, baby shower ceremonies, school picnics, reunions, corporate outings, and corporate official meetings.


Water Based Activities

Swimming Pool :
Enjoy music, dance, play, relax and laze around the enclosed swimming pool. (Only one group allowed at a time)

Amenities :
Changing rooms, shower area, poolside snacks.

Kids Pool :
is adjacent to the big pool, so that it can be easily monitored by the parents.

Mud games :
Play group games, soak in the mud slush or pamper yourself with a mud pack.We use yellow clay, a soft earthy matter which does not stain clothes. It is totally organic and easily washable and actually quite good for the skin.

Soap football :
The concept originates from Brazil, a country famous for its love of football.Imagine a giant football pitch, filled with soapy water, where the goal of the game is to slip and slide while also attempting to score a goal! It’s all the madness of football, minus the competitiveness, which really enhances the fun-factor.

Rain Dance :
Chill out under the rain spray, sway to the music or just relax and enjoy the soothing experience.

Boating :
A leisure activity of rowing your own boat and test your endurance. Test your friends and family and see who is the fastest !

Rope activities

Rope Activities :
Constructed from Poles, cable and ropes, Over 20 types of rope activities that have been designed with a desire to encourage all age groups to have a great experience.

Designed and planned with great care, there are special rope activities for the little ones.

They might look simple, but it’s all about the balance and believe it or not you really need to plan your strategy if you want to finish the entire course in record time. A perfect challenge for the entire family and friends of all ages.

Zip line crossing :
A unique experience on the zip line will give you fun & thrill.. you should just do it!!


Indoor Games :

We have a separate Indoor Game arena

  • Table Tennis
  • Foos ball Table
  • Carom board
  • Chess
  • Snake & Ladder

Traditional Games :

We at Dharwad Adventure Base, relive our childhood memories through these  Traditional games, a staple for us at any family gathering, so we thought why not bring these games to everyone !

Ideal for any age group, reminisce your childhood days and maybe teach these wonderful games to the current generation, No smart phones involved! Just pure skill, strategy and lots of fun !

Games like Chakka, Kavadi, were played by all age groups at home, which unknowingly helped develop Motor Skills, learn mathematics and along with it meant spending time with your friends.

These games are fading away these days. Here at Dharwad Adventure Base you get to play and explore those games. Experience a part of Karnataka’s rich cultural heritage.

Other activities

Zorb :
A sport of rolling downhill inside an orb (two people harnessed inside) made of transparent TPU, rolling downhill on a gentle slope and or running inside the Zorb

Body Zorb :
A sport of playing by wearing an inflated transparent ball, which covers the upper part of the body and head. You can play in various variations with a bunch of people which is bound to excite enthusiasts.

Try and make it more exciting by trying to play a football game while encased in our Zorbs, an experience you will not forget !

Maze / Bhul bhulya/Chakraviewva :
Get lost in the huge Maze under the Mango/Kaju orchard , Find out your way using your sense of direction, Put those navigation skills to work and may the best man/woman win !

Artificial rock climbing :
Climb the rocks & slide from the other side .

Nature Walk :
Walk around the nature beautiful Mango & Kaju Orchard with rose garden , to help young and old experience & promote awareness of the environment . We encourage the conservation of nature in all its aspects & enhance skills through outdoor education .

Bird Watching :
We have wide varieties of bird / Love birds like ducks , Turkey , Guinea fowl , poultry hens , Chicken , Naked neck hen & Also Rabbits .

Team building Games :
Such as Acid River an Outdoor open activity to warm up the group . It requires people to get into each others personal spaces which helps open them up & begin to connect with each other quickly .

Karaoke :
Dreamt of being a rock star? Love singing in the shower? Let your singing skills out and enjoy yourself !

A musical entertainment, providing you the background music of most favorite songs followed by the lyrics on a video screen. An amazing choice for music lovers.

I had visited place many times and amazed by the infrastructure built there. I would suggest all to visit place once and make fun as much as possible.


Dharwad Adventure Base:

Before Toll-Gate, Alnavar Road
Dharwad 580 007
Karnataka (INDIA)
Cell: +919341841567, 8792846238
Email: paiprangadi@yahoo.com 21041551_1646317728734540_7627118918418563072_n(1)2017-02-03dharwad-adventure-base_slide_4gallery_2rope_3


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